News Update
Customer Value, Service Value-2019 JIE’s Sales and Service Centers Annual Meeting Held Successfully

2019 JIE’s sales and service cnters annual meeting was held successfully in Xiaoshan,Hangzhou on JAN.8th .

The year of 2018 is the end of the sixth five-year plan of JIE. The year 2019 is the beginning of the seventh five-year plan of JIE. JIE adhere to the "professional, intelligent, global" development plan to build a good team and make good products for good customers. Since its beginning, JIE has been committed to the construction and development of the sales and service system for 30 years. JIE and JIE sales center s to work together, grow together.

In 2019, JIE intelligent project will be completed and put into production, including intelligent factory + intelligent products + intelligent services. JIE will also fully enter the second start-up period, business transformation period, strategic transformation period; To this end, JIE sales centers should be around the "customer value, service value" and grow up synchronously.

Through a series of activities such as "theme sharing, award ceremony, signing ceremony, theme report, Thanksgiving dinner", all the participants further summarized the experience of "concentration and focus", clarified the direction of "51515" plan, and formed the consensus of "3355" plan. At the meeting, partners from Mobil from the United States, CFW from Germany , NSK from Japan and Hand from China shared the theme of "helping JIE Drive to make products for good customers" which was highly concerned and praised by the participants.

The Chairman of JIE Drive, Mr. Chen Demu made the theme of the report which caused a strong reaction from the participants. The report was focused on "Building good teams and making good products for good customers", the participants unanimously said and cleared the "customer value, service value" and "full-time team, performance multiplier" road map, schedule and plan of action.

Building a century JIE, creating happy families, promoting lean production and building intelligent factory, JIE provides the good products to the good customers in the worls!

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